30 years of experience providing financial services to Polish and international clients.

KDPW EMIR Trade Repository has participated in the implementation of EMIR from the very beginning and is engaged in active dialogue with all market participants: regulators, other trade repositories, as well as reporting participants. KDPW aligns its services with legal requirements and ESMA guidelines and follows the needs of market players that need to meet their reporting obligations.

What we offer?

KDPW EMIR Trade Repository offers the reporting of derivative trades via a user-friendly and secure website interface or over automatic direct connections.

Derivatives trades are reported to KDPW Trade Repository via messages developed in line with EMIR Technical Standards. They include all data necessary for KDPW Trade Repository to identify trades and process reports.

Our online application supports the following functionalities:
  • reporting and modification of trades;
  • viewing and browsing reported data;
  • filtering and downloading reported data (export in *.xml, *.xlsx, *.csv format);
  • tracking the reporting process.

Contract types:

KDPW EMIR Trade Repository is authorised to accept reports for all classes of derivatives on all markets:
  • commodity derivatives (CO);
  • credit derivatives (CR);
  • currency derivatives (CU);
  • equity derivatives (EQ);
  • interest rate derivatives (IR);
  • other derivatives (OT).

KDPW EMIR Trade Repository is authorized and regulated by ESMA, the European Securities and Markets Authority.

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Client Support

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