KDPW has been providing an SFTR Trade Repository service since 13 July 2020.

In view of the reporting obligations that came into force under Regulation (EU) 2015/2365 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on transparency of securities financing transactions and of reuse (Securities Financing Transaction Regulation, SFTR), which imposes the mandatory reporting of securities financing transactions (SFTs) to authorised trade repositories by all market participants, including financial and non-financial counterparties, KDPW has implemented a service through which market participants can meet their reporting obligation.

What we offer?

KDPW SFTR Trade Repository offers over 30 years of experience and the highest quality of services.

The complementary services offered by KDPW provide participants of the trade repository (both under SFTR and EMIR) with a range of key benefits including:

  • existing communication interfaces of the trade repository;
  • the option of meeting both reporting obligations in a single trade repository (enabling cost and workload reductions thanks to a single communication channel);
  • the expertise and experience of KDPW technicians and staff;
  • professional support in the harmonisation of reporting under SFTR standards;
  • off-the-shelf technology solutions;
  • support for SFTs settled in KDPW.

ESMA has extended the registration of the KDPW Trade Repository to include the reporting of transactions under the SFTR, effective as of 7 May 2020.

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Client Support

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